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Oxalis-Laser software

Commod Pro

Simulate and optimize a complex optical system designed with Commod Pro. Physical optics, coherent beam propagation, laser cavity, intra and extra-cavity frequency conversion, ultra-short pulse propagation and amplification can be adressed...



"What can Oxalis-Laser assure you is that what we simulate for frequency conversion modules is exactly what we measured. And we can assure you that this challenging issue is valuable for us."

Georgios Tzeremes, Optoelectronic Engineer - European Space Agency

Oxalis-Laser software


Calculate wavefront distortion and state of polarization changes due to thermal loading with ThermOpt. Incorparate the results (phase masks) in Commod Pro and simulate the alteration of the output characteristics due to thermally induced effects...


Simulation of transverse diode pumping of rod and slab amplifiers. The calculated gain profile is latter on used in Commod Pro.

Oxalis-Laser services

Oxalis-Laser provides services based on its expertise in optical simulation and software development.

System optimization

Today, thanks to its robustness and reliability, the use of Oxalis-Laser software is a very effective way to optimize complex optical systems and to minimize development time and cost. Oxalis-Laser proposes to perform simulation of your optical systems based on specifications conjointly defined.

Software development

You need a dedicated software for the simulation of your complex optical systems and physical effects involved in, Oxalis-Laser is able to develop it for your unique usage.

Specific component

You are already using Commod Pro and you are working on specific component which is not yet part of Commod Pro component library, Oxalis-Laser can implement this component in Commod Pro in collaboration with your team.

Maintenance contract and training

Oxalis-Laser proposes maintenance contract that includes technical support, new software release, and the possibility to exchange file and technical information through our web site with a dedicated user space on it.

Oxalis-Laser is also proposing training session on its different software. The content of the training is defined according to your requirements and the training will take place in your facilities.